Nunc EZ Flip 15 and 50 ml Conical Centrifuge Tubes

The integrated leakproof hinged-cap prevents cross-contamination and lost closures and enables one-handed opening and closing. Clarified polypropylene combines chemical resistance and high-speed tolerance. The tubes feature an ergonomic design, and are compatible with any fixed-angle or swing centrifuge rotor. With graduations and white writing area. The tubes are RNAse/DNAse free, USP Class VI, pyrogen-free, non-cytotoxic and leak-proof.

Toote variatsioonid

Catalog numberPKColourHeightMaterialMax. rcfNominal capacityPyrogen freeRNase/DNase-freeØSterileWith graduationKogus 
4.679 495500.00Clear115 mmPP9500 x g50 mlYesYes30 mmNoYes
4.679 709500.00Clear120 mmPP8500 x g15 mlYesYes17 mmNoYes
4.679 496500.00Clear115 mmPP9500 x g50 mlYesYes30 mmNoYes