Phase separators, 1PS

A silicone impregnated, water repellent paper which can be used to separate aqueous solutions from immiscible solvents. The aqueous phase is retained and the organic phase passes through. Will retain solid particles. Can be used either flat under suction not exceeding 70mm Hg or quadrant folded in a conical glass funnel. Supplied in box of 100 circles.
Note: This paper contains a small quantity of tin complex catalyst. It is therefore not recommended for use when this complex may cause interference, e.g. with the use of dithizone (diphenylthiocarbazone) reagent.

Toote variatsioonid

Ø mmCatalog numberPKKogus 
1109.056 893100.00
2709.056 898100.00
2409.056 897100.00
1509.056 895100.00
909.056 892100.00
1259.056 894100.00
709.056 891100.00
1859.056 896100.00