Plaster and plaster dispenser QuickFix

The right plaster for every application. Fast, clean and comfortable to use. Every plaster is hygienically individually packed and unpacks at one end when pulled out. So it can be applied to the wound quickly and cleanly.

For your ordering 6 refill packs of plasters you will get a free useful plaster dispenser free of charge.

  • Textile plasterstrips are elastic, adapt to the movements of the skin and are therefore very comfortable to wear. The plasters are skin-friendly and breathable.
  • Detectable plasterstrips are made of breathable blue fabric. They are visually noticeable and have an integrated metal zone. Thus they can be traced by a metal detector. Particularly suitable for food industry, kitchens, etc.
  • Finger dressings are long and elastic textile plasters, (120 x 20 mm), which adapt to the movements of the skin. The plasters are very skin-friendly and allow breathing of the skin. The long dressing can be wrapped around the finger several times for better hold.
  • Detectable finger dressings, (120 x 20 mm), are visually noticeable finger dressings for better protection of longer cuts and wounds at the fingers. A multiple winding around the finger is possible. The integrated metal zone of the plaster can be traced by metal detectors. Particularly suitable for food industry, kitchens ..

The dispenser can be used anywhere where a risk of minor injuries and cuts may occur. Due to its small dimensions, the dispenser can easily be attached to nearly every working place and thus exactly where it is needed.

  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 133.5 x 232.5 x 33 mm
  • For wall mounting directly to the workplace
  • Clear indication of an empty dispenser. Quickly refillable.
  • Can also be filled in combination of two different types of plasters
  • Built-in shelf for storing small items
  • Optionally lockable with included key

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6 Refill packs Quickfix with each 45 detectable plasters incl. 1 empty plaster dispenser6.284 8531.00
6 Refill packs QuickFix with each 30 detectable finger dressing 120 x 20 mm, incl. 1 empty plaster dispenser6.284 8551.00