Precision hotplate PZ 44

Automatic, precise regulation of temperatures between 20 and 450 °C. Digital presetting and temperature display. Three power levels (825 W, 1650 W and 3300 W) can be set and an additional electronic power controller (adjustable 10 % to 100 %) is provided. At 825 W and 3300 W settings the entire plate surface is heated. At 1650 W setting only the right hand side of the plate is heated. As a result of heat conduction, the temperature from the right hand side to the left edge of the plate varies by approx. 40 %. Built-in relay allows direct connection of electronic contact thermometers. With solid, flat, low-distortion, cast GG15 alloy. Switching differential ±1 K.

Toote variatsioonid

Catalog numberPKDepth heating areaDepthDisplayHeating capacityHeightMax. temperatureMin. temperaturePower supplyTypeWeightWidth heating areaWidthKogus 
9.645 7441.00440 mm475 mmDigital3300 W205 mm450 °C-20 °C230 ... 240 V, 50 ... 60 HzPZ 4426 kg290 mm310 mm