Precision-swabs are engineered for use in a variety of environments and applications. They are ideal for use with cleaner degreasers, head cleaners, flux removers and other solvents for fast, precision cleaning.

Wrapped foam swabs

  • Durable wrapped foam swabs designed for precise applications.
  • Good particle entrapment and work well as solvent applicators
  • Small tips allow use in very tight tolerance areas
  • Wrapped foam delivers superior abrasion resistance for removal of tough contaminants
  • Pointed end works especially well as a pick.

Sealed polyester swabs

  • Very clean and durable all-purpose swabs
  • Featuring either knit or nonwoven fabric heads, these swabs are acid and solvent resistant
  • Sealed edges build in high strength with no loose fibers or particulates
  • Ideal for tough scrubbing around raised shapes
  • Cleanroom process gives the lowest ionic, non-volatile residue and particle contaminants.

Sealed foam swabs

  • Economical general purpose swabs
  • Best solvent retention
  • Excellent particle entrapment
  • The open cell structure gives the best solvent holding ability of any style of swab
  • Free of adhesives or binders that could contaminate your process
  • Fiberless construction does not generate particles.
  • Suitable for ISO Class 4 Cleanrooms and higher

Toote variatsioonid

Material shaftLength mmHeadCleanroom ClassMaterial HeadHead size mmCatalog numberPKKogus 
PP80pointedISO 4PU-foam2,7 x 3,36.318 847100.00
PP150roundedISO 4Polyester/Nylon4,7 x 5,46.318 371100.00
Nylon70wrapped, pointedISO 4PU-foam3,7 x 3,76.318 867100.00
PP70roundedISO 4Polyester2,4 x 3,06.318 868100.00
PP70roundedISO 4Polyester1,0 x 3,06.318 870100.00
PP70roundedISO 4Polyester1,6 x 3,06.266 885125.00
PP80pointedISO 4PU-foam2,7 x 3,36.266 888125.00
PP70roundedISO 4PU-foam3,3 x 3,56.266 887125.00
PP70roundedISO 4Polyester1,0 x 3,06.266 886125.00
Nylon70wrapped, pointedISO 4PU-foam3,7 x 3,76.266 882125.00
PP80pointedISO 4PU-foam2,7 x 3,36.318 871100.00
PP70roundedISO 4Polyester2,4 x 3,06.266 884125.00
PP70roundedISO 4Polyester1,6 x 3,06.318 869100.00
PP150roundedISO 4Polyester/Nylon4,7 x 5,44.655 171125.00