Premium Respirators 8825+ and 8835+, Moulded Masks

Respirators Premium 8825+ and 8835+ moulded masks offer the new patented 3-dimensional face seal with integrated nose profile of 3M Premium+ Series, the convenience of a disposable mask as well as the concept of tailormade face seal of reusable respirator masks: Flexible 3-dimensionality for an individual and securely sealed fit! The face seal of the mask 8825+ and 8835+ improves the sealing fit. The profile of the respirator directs the air escaping through the filter medium away from the face. The upward air flow is minimized as much possible reducing fogging of safety glasses.

  • Authorization: EU construction test
  • Testing standards: EN 149:2001

Toote variatsioonid

Catalog numberPKSort of filterColourDisposableProtection classStandardTypeType of filterKogus 
6.284 2485.00Particle filterBlueYesFFP2EN 149:20018825+RD
6.284 2495.00Particle filterRedYesFFP3EN 149:20018835+RD