Pump tubings Tygon®SI 3350, with 2 colour-coded bridges

Silicone tube, platinum-cured. Meets FDA and USP Class VI and ISO 10993. 6.266 859 without bridges.

Toote variatsioonid

ColourExt. ØInt. ØMaterialCatalog numberWall thicknessPKKogus 
Grey/grey3.00 mm1.30 mmSilicone9.208 5110.85 mm6.00
White/white2.72 mm1.02 mmSilicone9.208 5090.85 mm6.00
Purple/purple3.76 mm2.06 mmSilicone9.208 5150.85 mm6.00
Blue/blue3.35 mm1.65 mmSilicone9.208 5130.85 mm6.00
Orange/white2.44 mm0.64 mmSilicone9.208 5060.90 mm6.00
Purple/orange4.24 mm2.54 mmSilicone9.208 5170.85 mm6.00
Purple/white4.49 mm2.79 mmSilicone9.208 5180.85 mm6.00
Red/red2.84 mm1.14 mmSilicone9.208 5100.85 mm6.00
Yellow/blue3.22 mm1.52 mmSilicone9.208 5190.85 mm6.00
Black/black2.46 mm0.76 mmSilicone9.208 5070.85 mm6.00
Purple/black3.99 mm2.29 mmSilicone9.208 5160.85 mm6.00
Without3.76 mm2.06 mmSilicone6.266 8590.85 mm10.00
Orange/orange2.59 mm0.89 mmSilicone9.208 5080.85 mm6.00
Green/green3.55 mm1.85 mmSilicone9.208 5140.85 mm6.00
Yellow/yellow3.12 mm1.42 mmSilicone9.208 5120.85 mm6.00