Recycling air filter box LABOPUR® H series for Safety cabinets

For all common safety cabinets.
Fan extracts harmful and toxic vapors from the cabinet. The active charcoal filters out chemical fumes and recycles the air. Personal and environmental protection, no duct required.
Technical specifications:

  • Vent-System and filter absorption capacity tested and approved NFX 15-211norm
  • Built in 15/10 steel, covered with white Epoxy (RAL 9010) with blue stripes
  • Specialised high efficiency super-activated charcoal filter, treated for the major common chemicals
  • Noiseless fan: 43 dB(A), 220-240V, 50Hz, 47Watts, 0.2A, airflow 86m3/h
  • Dust-protection pre-filter, efficiency 92% for particles < 3µm
  • 3 connection inlets, diameter 100mm. Plug-and-use

Toote variatsioonid

TypeDescriptionExternal dimensions (W x D x H) mmWeight kgCatalog numberPKKogus 
H 50 CRecycling air filter box (charcoal filter ORG50 or CORG51 please order separately)310 x 460 x 460189.840 2011.00
KRCConnection kit (1 sleeve, 1m flex-tube, 2 clamps)-19.840 2031.00