Respirators with 2-Way-Protection Aura™ 1883+, Folding Masks

The 3M™ Aura™ Health Care Particulate Respirator 1883+ provides effective respiratory protection for use in medical environments where health care workers will be exposed to airborne dust particles, non-volatile liquid particles and bio-aerosols. This respirator limits the transmission of infectious agents from staff to patients and is suitable for use during surgical procedures and certain other medical procedures. It protects the user as well as the product being handled. This product also offers resistance to penetration of splashes of liquid.
Features and advantages as Aura™ 9300+ series

  • Authorisation: EU construction test
  • Testing standards: EN 149:2001 + A1:2009

Toote variatsioonid

Catalog numberPKSort of filterProtection classStandardTypeKogus 
9.005 6818.00Particle filterFFP3EN 149:2001 + A1:2009Aura™ 1883+