Respiratory Protection – Plug-In Filters for Half Mask 620 N and 620 S

Tested and approved to EN 143 / EN 14387 standards with CE mark. Insert filters are connected to the mask by a filter adapter. The filter adapter is fitted with thread connector acc. to EN 148-1. Particle filters consist of a light PE housing with a built-in glas fibre filter. Special folding provides a large filter surface area in a confined space. A pre-filter collects aerosol mist and dust and prevents rapid accumulation of dirt particles in the main filter, thereby prolonging its lifespan. Easy to exchange by inserting into the outer chamber of the filter mount. Flame resistant.
Please order the filter adapter for insert filters separately.

  • Filter type A: Vapours from organic compounds with boiling point >65°C
  • Filter type B: Inorganic gases and vapours e.g. chlorine
  • Filter type E: Sulphur dioxide, acidic gases
  • Filter type K: Ammonia
  • Filter type P 1: Low particle filtration capacity
  • Filter type P 2: Medium particle filtration capacity
  • Filter type P 3: High particle filtration capacity

Toote variatsioonid

Catalog numberPKFilter
Sort of filterMaterialStandardTypeType of filterKogus 
6.261 8715.00Plug-inCombined filterAluminiumEN 143, EN 1438739 EStE1 P2 R D
6.401 2361.00Plug-inGas filterAluminiumEN 143, EN 1438719 EE1
9.005 5811.00Plug-inGas filterAluminiumEN 143, EN 1438719 BB1
6.070 1305.00Plug-inCombined filterAluminiumEN 143, EN 1438740 AStA1 P3 R D
9.005 5801.00Plug-inGas filterAluminiumEN 143, EN 1438719 AA1
6.900 7485.00Plug-inParticle filterPEEN 143, EN 1438724 P2P2 R
7.639 0131.00Plug-inGas filterAluminiumEN 143, EN 1438719 KK1
9.005 5851.00Plug-inParticle filterPEEN 143, EN 1438725 P3P3 R
6.227 5615.00Plug-inCombined filterAluminiumEN 143, EN 1438739 AStA1 P2 R D