Saccharimeter ADS620P

High-precision saccharimeter with dual wavelengths Peltier temperature control for use in the sugar industry. Rapid configuration of the device from standard saccharimeter mode to a more complex sugar purity system that calculates Brix, POL, density and purity, with Brix value entered manually via the touchscreen or directly via an Ethernet connection from a connected RFM refractometer.

  • High-resolution 7.4″ colour touchscreen
  • Simple menu structure with a method system
  • RFID user identification
  • VIS/NIR lamp with narrow band filter
  • Suitable for standard tubes
  • Integral Sugar Purity software
  • USB (A), USB (B), RS232, and Ethernet interface

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ResolutionMeasuring rangeAccuracyMax. temperatureMax. voltageMin. temperatureMin. voltageCatalog numberPower supplyTemperatureTypeWavelengthPKKogus 
0.002 °Z-225 ... 225 °Z±0.01 °Z (589 nm)35 °C250 V-15 °C100 V4.694 585100 ... 250 V, 50/60 Hz15 ... 35 °CADS620P589/880 nm1.00