Safety Disposal System Kontamed

A hygienic and safe container for the disposal of used medical materials such as syringes, cannulae and scalpels. Constructed in impact and heat resistant polypropylene and easily disposable materials. Physiologically harmless. With wall mounting and safety closing flap in red. The Kontamed safety container is designed with three drop slots. One for the disposal of cannulae and syringes, enabling you to avoid contact with them. The second slot is used for the disposal of potentially infected scalpels and blades. The third allows for the disposal of dressings, gloves etc. Before disposing of the full container, the built-in security aperture must be activated, thus ensuring that the contents are stored safe.

  • colour: signal yellow, wall mount and shutter red
  • Material: polypropylene

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Dimensions mmVolume mlCatalog numberPKKogus 
225 x 160 x 7021009.264 1481.00