Safety Eyeshields uvex i-3 9190

These innovative protective spectacles are designed to perfectly fit the face. Their flexible side arms with variable inclination can be individually adjusted, while the integrated Softflex zone ensures outstanding wearer comfort for all head sizes.
The extremely soft Softflex nose piece ensures that even when worn for long periods, spectacles are comfortable, do not press on sensitive areas and remain firmly in place. Soft ear pieces and the Softflex zone at the temples ensure a secure fit in any situation.

Coating of the lens:
uvex supravision excellence : Scratch-resistant and non-fogging on the inside, while the outside is extremely scratchproof, resistant to chemicals and very easy to clean thanks to nano-technology.
uvex supravision sapphire : extremely scratch-resistant and also highly resistant to chemicals. The lacquer system features nano technology, considerably increasing its non-stick properties.

Toote variatsioonid

ColourLensCoatingCatalog numberPKKogus 
black/light greyPC clear/UV 2C-1.216.280 7211.00
anthracite/bluePC clear/UV 2C-1.224.665 8721.00
black/light greyPC grey/UV 5-2.516.284 8711.00
anthracite/bluePC clear/UV 2C-1.216.253 6491.00
anthracite/yellowPC yellow/UV 2C-1.217.629 6391.00