Safety Eyeshields uvex skyguard NT 9175

The uvex skyguard NT spectacles have been improved to provide all-round protection. Based on the existing uvex skylite spectacle we have added a conceptually simple, injection moulded TPU frame to significantly increase wearer protection levels, through minimising the risk of particle ingress. The flexible, closed-pore soft components of the frame enables a customised, individual fit and are easy to clean to promote long term use.Optional: uvex side arms can be adjusted to four different lengths and finely angled, guaranteeing a comfortable, customised fit.
The coating of the lens is uvex supravision excellence, outside scratch-resistant, inside non-fogging and gives 100% UV protection.

Toote variatsioonid

ColourLensCatalog numberPKKogus 
Blue/greyclear/UV 2-1.29.005 0781.00
grey/orangeclear/UV 2-1.26.239 4201.00