Safety funnel with ball valve, V2.0, HDPE

White / blue. The valve only opens up during filling and then closes automatically afterwards.

  • Hinged lid with sealing ring
  • Sieve and splash guard are removable
  • Safety lance ( 220 mm) for safe flowing

Toote variatsioonid

Catalog numberPKColourFunnel ØLength
MaterialThreadWith lanceKogus 
4.680 9531.00White/blue200 mm220 mmHDPES 90Yes
4.680 9521.00White/blue200 mm220 mmHDPEGL 45Yes
4.680 9551.00White/blue200 mm220 mmHDPES 55Yes
4.680 9591.00White/blue200 mm220 mmHDPES 50Yes
4.680 9501.00White/blue200 mm220 mmHDPEB 53Yes
4.680 9541.00White/blue200 mm220 mmHDPES 51Yes
4.680 9581.00White/blue200 mm220 mmHDPES 70/71Yes
4.680 9561.00White/blue200 mm220 mmHDPES 65Yes
4.680 9571.00White/blue200 mm220 mmHDPEB 83Yes
4.680 9511.00White/blue200 mm220 mmHDPES 60/61Yes