Safety Waste Caps V3.0, electrostatic conductive

Safety Waste Cap for connecting 4 capillaries (UNF 1/4″ 28 G), 3 tube connectors (NPT 1/8″) and an exhaust filter (GL 14). With freely movable cap for simple exchange of the container.

Scope of supply: Screw cap (HDPE, black), satellite (PTFE, black), blind plug M 30×35 (PTFE), PFA fittings: 4 x 1.6 mm (green), 4 x 2.3 mm (violet), 4 x 3.2 mm (blue), 4 blind plugs for capillary connections (PFA, transparent), 3 tube connectors for tubes with 5.0 – 11.5 mm ID (PP, blue), 3 blind plugs for tube connections (PTFE, white), 1 blind plug GL 14 (PTFE, white)

Toote variatsioonid

Catalog numberPKColourHose connectionsMaterialNo. of fittingsNo. of
4.687 0961.00Black3HDPE4x1,6/2,3/3,2 mm3S55
4.683 8521.00Black3HDPE4x1,6/2,3/3,2 mm3GL45
4.683 8531.00Black3HDPE4x1,6/2,3/3,2 mm3S60/61
4.687 0971.00Black3HDPE4x1,6/2,3/3,2 mm3S70/71
4.687 0951.00Black3HDPE4x1,6/2,3/3,2 mm3S50