SafetyWasteCaps for HPLC waste

Collect fluid waste safely for protection of health and environment: SafetyWasteCaps block hazardous solvent vapours and provide safe pressure equalisation within the waste container. Due to high end materials, the caps are chemically resistant even against aggressive organic solvents.

  • The exhaust filter (A) catches escaping solvent vapours (B)
  • The active carbon (C) provides an active filtering surface of 1.200m²/g – optimised for solvent vapours
  • Pre-filter (D) for optimised air flow
  • Afterfilter (E) provides safe enclosure and keeps the filter clean
  • Tubing and capillaries remain safely fixed (F)
  • No twisted tubing, freely rotatable cap enables easy container exchange (G)
  • Body (H) made of medical grade PTFE, food safe, FDA conform
  • Screw cap (G) made of PPS, autoclavable / sterilisable up to 200 °C
  • PTFE and PPS material provides excellent chemical resistance and flammability classification V-0 (UL-94)
  • Improved FKM seals (I) for maximum tightness
  • Improved PFA fittings (F)
  • Improved ergonomics, stable construction

Further thread sizes and configurations are available on demand. Fittings for capillary / tubing connections are included in delivery. Please choose a filter size and order your exhaust filter separately (see chapter “Exhaust Filters for SafetyWasteCaps”).

Toote variatsioonid

Catalog numberPKAutoclavableMaterialNo. of fittingsThreadKogus 
4.005 5801.00YesPTFE3 x 2,3 / 3,2 mmS 60/61
9.139 8671.00YesPTFE3 x 2,3 / 3,2 mmS 60/61