SafetyWasteCaps with safety funnel with mechanical level control

The safety funnel with shut-off valve is operated manually during the disposal of liquids. The safety funnel with automatic closure shuts the container automatically when releasing the button. In both versions, the port for the exhaust filter is integrated for optimum protection against vapors. Each cap is equipped with variable connections for capillaries and tubes.

The red floater is immediately visible when the container has reached the critical fill level. Perfect for canisters of opaque material, where the fill level is not visible from the outside.

  • Approved S.C.A.T. technology of the SafetyWasteCaps
  • Different thread sizes
  • Connections for capillaries and tubings
  • Mechanical or electronic (E) level control
  • With connection for S.C.A.T. exhaust filters

Please choose a filter size and order your exhaust filter separately (see chapter “Exhaust filters for SafetyWasteCaps”). Further thread sizes are available on request.

Toote variatsioonid

Catalog numberPKHose connectionsNo. of fittingsNo. of
6.316 8301.0012 x 3,2 mm1S 60/61
6.316 8311.00-2 x 2,3/3,2 mm-S 60/61
4.005 7071.00-2 x 2,3/3,2 mm-S 60/61
4.005 7111.0012 x 2,3/3,2 mm1S 60/61