Sealing caps for test tubes, versilic silicone

Transparent. Sealing caps have a slight taper and offer a very secure hold and are comfortable to use.

Toote variatsioonid

ColourFor ext. ØMaterialCatalog numberPKKogus 
Transparent12 mmSilicone9.231 5121.00
Transparent22 mmSilicone9.231 5221.00
Transparent18 mmSilicone9.231 5181.00
Transparent35 mmSilicone9.231 5321.00
Transparent20 mmSilicone9.231 5201.00
Transparent25 mmSilicone9.231 5411.00
Transparent10 mmSilicone9.231 5101.00
Transparent14 mmSilicone9.231 5141.00
Transparent30 mmSilicone9.231 5301.00
Transparent50 mmSilicone9.231 5361.00
Transparent16 mmSilicone9.231 5161.00