Special cleaner MaloClean A8

Alkaline disinfectant cleaner for special dishwashing machines

  • Suitable for medical, biological and chemical laboratories as well as laboratories in the food industry
  • Removes blood, protein-containing residues, food residues, chemicals and much more.
  • Increased defoaming effect at temperatures above 30°.
  • Ingredients > 25% silicates, emulsifiers, chlorine carrier (active chlorine <1%).
  • Has a high protective capacity and an additional disinfecting effect based on active chlorine.

Not suitable for aluminium, anodised aluminium and light metal alloys.

Toote variatsioonid

CapacityCatalog numberSupply formType of
10 kg4.688 771PowderBucket1.00
1 kg4.688 772PowderCan1.00