Square reagent bottles without closure, HDPE

Natural or white. Wide neck. UN approved for solid materials. 50 ml and 350 ml without UN approval.
Please order closure separately.

Toote variatsioonid

ColourDepthHeightMaterialNominal capacityCatalog numberThread ext. ØType of
Natural59 mm128.0 mmHDPE250 ml9.072 87145 mmWithout59 mm1.00
Natural75 mm161.0 mmHDPE500 ml9.072 87254 mmWithout75 mm1.00
Natural85 mm212.0 mmHDPE1000 ml9.072 87354 mmWithout85 mm1.00
Natural142 mm294.0 mmHDPE4000 ml9.072 87680 mmWithout142 mm1.00
Natural60 mm164.0 mmHDPE350 ml9.072 87745 mmWithout60 mm1.00
Natural108 mm209.0 mmHDPE1500 ml9.072 87480 mmWithout108 mm1.00
Natural45 mm101.0 mmHDPE100 ml9.072 87032 mmWithout45 mm1.00
White36 mm88.5 mmHDPE50 ml9.072 87928 mmWithout36 mm1.00
Natural36 mm88.5 mmHDPE50 ml9.072 86928 mmWithout36 mm1.00
White83 mm185.0 mmHDPE750 ml9.072 88354 mmWithout83 mm1.00
White108 mm209.0 mmHDPE1500 ml9.072 88580 mmWithout108 mm1.00
White75 mm161.0 mmHDPE500 ml9.072 88254 mmWithout75 mm1.00
White45 mm101.0 mmHDPE100 ml9.072 88032 mmWithout45 mm1.00
White122 mm258.0 mmHDPE2500 ml9.072 88680 mmWithout122 mm1.00
White85 mm212.0 mmHDPE1000 ml9.072 88454 mmWithout85 mm1.00
White59 mm128.0 mmHDPE250 ml9.072 88145 mmWithout59 mm1.00
White142 mm294.0 mmHDPE4000 ml9.072 88780 mmWithout142 mm1.00
Natural122 mm258.0 mmHDPE2500 ml9.072 87580 mmWithout122 mm1.00
Natural83 mm185.0 mmHDPE750 ml9.072 87854 mmWithout83 mm1.00