Surface Protector with polyethylene layer

The double layer enables total protection of surfaces in the laboratory, thanks to its waterproof polyethylene layer that prevents liquids from reaching the protected surface.

  • Cellulose layer: pure filter paper enables a large quantity of liquids to be absorbed.
  • Polyethylene layer: totally waterproof, prevents liquids from reaching the protected surface
  • The high purity of the filter paper allows for recovery of the spilt liquids
  • Weight 120 g/m2, Thickness 0.2 mm, absorbs 110 g/m2

Toote variatsioonid

SizeCatalog numberPKKogus 
460 mm x 50 m6.238 3551.00
400 mm x 600 mm6.238 354100.00
460 mm x 570 mm6.237 348100.00