Syringe Filter for HPLC

For small sample volumes. With Luer Lock inlet and Luer outlet. The type of membrane is indicated on the syringe filter.

  • 17 mm filter diameter
  • Color coded
  • Dead volume < 0,29 ml

Toote variatsioonid

Catalog numberPKPore sizeTypeColourConnetion inletConnetion outletFeatureMaterial
6.281 876100.000.45 µmHydrophobYellowLuer-Lock femaleLuer-Slip maleHydrophobicPTFE
6.282 615100.000.45 µmHydrophilBrownLuer-Lock femaleLuer-Slip maleHydrophilicRegenerated cellulose (RC)
6.235 945100.000.20 µmHydrophilPurpleLuer-Lock femaleLuer-Slip maleHydrophilicNylon
6.257 910100.000.20 µmHydrophobBlueLuer-Lock femaleLuer-Slip maleHydrophobicPTFE