Syringe Filter, regenerated cellulose

High resistance in filtration and sterilisation of aqueous and organic samples in HPLC and GC applications.

  • Regenerated cellulose membrane, hydrophilic
  • Resistant to almost all solvents and aqueous solutions in pH range 3-12
  • Sterilisation and clarification of cell and protein solutions and biological fluids without loss of proteins
  • Housing material: Polypropylene
  • Fitting inlet: Female Luer-Lock
  • Fitting outlet: Male Luer-Slip

Toote variatsioonid

Catalog numberPKConnetion inletConnetion outletØ membraneFeatureFilter areaMaterial
Pore sizeSterileWith filterKogus 
6.240 555100.00Luer-Lock femaleLuer-Slip male30 mmHydrophilic5.39 cm²PPRegenerated cellulose (RC)0.45 µmNoYes
6.292 117100.00Luer-Lock femaleLuer-Slip male13 mmHydrophilic1.09 cm²PPRegenerated cellulose (RC)0.45 µmNoYes
4.652 473100.00Luer-Lock femaleLuer-Slip male25 mmHydrophilic4.08PPRegenerated cellulose (RC)0.20 µmNoYes
6.292 116100.00Luer-Lock femaleLuer-Slip male13 mmHydrophilic1.09 cm²PPRegenerated cellulose (RC)0.20 µmNoYes
7.970 108100.00Luer-Lock femaleLuer-Slip male25 mmHydrophilic4.08 cm²PPRegenerated cellulose (RC)0.45 µmNoYes