Test tubes, boro 3.3, with PP stopper

Graduations of approx. volume and markings are in high contrast white enamel.

Toote variatsioonid

ØGraduationGround sizeLengthMaterialMaterial
Nominal capacityCatalog numberType of
Wall thicknessPKKogus 
17 mm0.2 mlNS14/23200 mmBoro 3.3PP20 ml9.190 516Stopper1.2 mm1.00
17 mm0.2 mlNS14/23220 mmBoro 3.3PP25 ml9.190 521Stopper1.2 mm1.00
15 mm0.1 mlNS12/21165 mmBoro 3.3PP10 ml9.190 508Stopper1.2 mm1.00
19 mm0.5 mlNS14/23220 mmBoro 3.3PP30 ml9.190 524Stopper1.2 mm1.00