Test tubes, DURAN® tubing, without graduation, with NS joint, with PE stopper

Made of DURAN® tubing. With NS socket.

Toote variatsioonid

ØGround sizeLengthMaterialMaterial
Catalog numberType of
28 mmNS24/29200 mmDURAN® tubingPE6.226 470Stopper1.00
22 mmNS19/26150 mmDURAN® tubingPE6.235 895Stopper1.00
16 mmNS14/23100 mmDURAN® tubingPE9.190 410Stopper1.00
18 mmNS14/23180 mmDURAN® tubingPE9.190 418Stopper1.00
18 mmNS14/23150 mmDURAN® tubingPE6.243 070Stopper1.00
16 mmNS14/23125 mmDURAN® tubingPE6.233 870Stopper1.00
28 mmNS24/29150 mmDURAN® tubingPE6.231 352Stopper1.00
16 mmNS14/23160 mmDURAN® tubingPE9.190 416Stopper1.00