Ultra low temperature freezer TDE, with 5 inner doors

  • 5 inner doors allow easy access to samples without exposing the entire freezer compartment to ambient conditions

Toote variatsioonid

ColourDepth int.Ext. depthExt. heightExt. widthHeight int.Int. widthMax. temperatureMin. temperatureNo. of chambersNo. of doorsNominal capacityCatalog numberPlug typePower supplyTypePKKogus 
Grey719 mm977 mm1981 mm864 mm1301 mm730 mm50 °C-86 °C11682 l4.699 270EU230 V, 50 HzTDE 50086 FV5I-U1.00
Grey719 mm977 mm1981 mm1006 mm1301 mm873 mm50 °C-86 °C11816 l4.699 271EU230 V, 50 HzTDE 60086 FV5I-U1.00
Grey719 mm977 mm1981 mm719 mm1301 mm588 mm50 °C-86 °C11549 l4.699 269EU230 V, 50 HzTDE 40086 FV5I-U1.00
Grey719 mm977 mm1981 mm584 mm1301 mm452 mm50 °C-86 °C11422 l4.699 268EU230 V, 50 HzTDE 30086 FV5I-U1.00