Underbench Cabinet with Refrigerating Unit

  • Safe and approved cooled storge of hazardous materials in workrooms
  • Type proofed according to DIN EN 14470-1, fire resistance 90 minutes
  • Mobile: integrated castors with plinth, easy moving of the cabinet
  • Convenient handling: drawer can be opened with minimal effort
  • Safe access to all containers: interior of the drawer is completely visible,
  • Convenient: drawer remains open in any position, self-closing in the event of a fire
  • No unauthorised use: drawer is lockable with cylinder locking and locking state indicator (red/green)
  • Quickly put into operation: integrated technical recirculating air system with multi-stage filter system and power cord
  • 7-Segment/LED-Display: function monitoring directly in view. Display shows the refrigeration temperature (TARGET/ ACTUAL), air exchange rate and filter saturation, easy setting of the required temperature
  • High flexibility in choosing the installation location
  • Active personal protection through safe capture of harmful vapours with retention in the filter system
  • VDE tested electronic monitoring system with visual and audible alarm including potential-free alarm contact
  • Safe, permanent min. 10-fold air exchange, no areas inside and outside of the cabinets are at risk of explosion
  • Maximum refrigeration temperature of +2 °C (with max. 25 °C room temperature)

Scope of delivery: Model UB90.060.110.KU.S incl. drawer made of stainless steel, load capacity 50 kg

  • Specifications
  • Outer dimensions (W x D x H): 1108 x 574 x 631 mm
  • Inner dimensions (W x D x H): 770 x 440 x 484 mm
  • Drawer (W x D x H): 422 x 369 x 80 mm

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DescriptionCatalog numberPKKogus 
Second level drawer (perforated plate) made of stainless steel6.267 2721.00
Perforated insert (stainless steel) for sump6.267 2731.00
Underbench cabinet with refrigerating unit UB90.060.110.KU.S incl. drawer with stainless steel sump and castors with plinth H=30 mm6.267 2711.00