Waste disposal unit standard, V2.0, HDPE

Disposal unit for liquid waste, HDPE, useful for the collection of solvent and sample waste.

  • Lid with sealing ring
  • Funnel diameter: 140 mm

Scope of supply: Container, safety funnel with hinged lid, removable sieve

Toote variatsioonid

Catalog numberPKDepthFunnel ØHeightMaterialNominal capacityThreadWidthKogus 
4.679 4721.00230 mm140 mm395 mmHDPE10.0 lGL45190 mm
4.679 4601.00150 mm140 mm305 mmHDPE2.5 lGL45115 mm
4.679 4731.00195 mm140 mm345 mmHDPE5.0 lGL45150 mm