Western Blotting Workflow Package WESTERNFLOWLITE

Complete package for Western blotting of mini gels with chemiluminescence. It includes everything necessary from gel loading to gel documentation and quantification.

  • Gel documentation system chemiLITE with Peltier-cooled CCD camera. Acquisition and analysis software is already included licence-free
  • Vertical electrophoresis tank omniPAGE Mini for protein analysis in up to 4 gels
  • Power supply PowerPro can be operated in constant mode or programmed. With the power supply can be used to operate both the electrophoresis tank and the semi-dry blotter

Scope of supply: Gel documentation system chemiLITE, electrophoresis tank omniPAGE Mini SYS, power supply PowerPro 3AMP, semi-dry blotter SD10, roller for western blotting, blotting paper (10 x 10 cm), PVDF transfer membrane (roll á 28 cm x 3 m, 0.22 µm pore size), protein ladder BLUE Wide Range (10 to 245 kDa), ECL substrate kit LumiPRO, Blocking solution (500 ml), Tris-Glycine SDS buffer (1 l)

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