Wide-mouth-Erlenmeyer flasks, PP, with screw neck

Highly transparent, can also be used with NS stoppers (not included).
Suitable for storage and cultivation of cell cultures.
Safer than glass flasks for use in incubator shakers due to the break resistance of plastic. Suitable for microwaves.
To preserve markings, do not clean at temperatures exceeding 60ºC
Food-safe product according to EC Directive No. 10/2011.

Toote variatsioonid

GraduationGround sizeMaterialNominal capacityCatalog numberThreadPKKogus 
10 mlNS34/35PP50 ml9.141 381GL 401.00
200 mlNS45/40PP1000 ml9.141 385GL 521.00
100 mlNS45/40PP500 ml9.141 384GL 521.00
50 mlNS45/40PP250 ml9.141 383GL 521.00
20 mlNS34/35PP100 ml9.141 382GL 401.00