Workstation with Deaerated Storage Cabinet LABOPUR® H Series Package

Manipulation and storage in the laboratory: all in one.
The storage cabinet is connected to the fume hood in order to extract and absorb the toxic fumes from both items. The self-contained system provides mobility, security and highly reduces running costs. No ductwork or exhaust system required, no discharge of toxic gases to the environment. No heating or cooling of air.

Technical specifications of the cabinet:

  • Built in steel 15/10, white Epoxy paint (RAL 9010) pictogram ISO 3864, EU 92/58/CEE
  • Self-closing wing doors, locking system
  • 1 height-adjustable retention shelf, 1 retention tank
  • 4 castors (height of castors: 70 mm)
  • Vent grids in the lower part, connection element to the fume hood

LABOPUR® Workstation supplied with:

  • Ventilated storage cabinet
  • Fume hood with recirculating air filtration system CLASSE 2, certified Norm NF X 15-211, May 2009
  • Charcoal filter “CORG”: absorbs inorganic / organic acids vapors and organic preparations and solvents
  • Containment sump + melamine wotktop (tempered glass available on request)
  • Connecting kit between the fume hood and the safety cabinet below

Toote variatsioonid

TypeExternal dimensions (W x D x H) mmWeight kgCatalog numberPKKogus 
PMSF122Z1215 x 780 x 19501596.288 0691.00
PMSF152Z1520 x 780 x 19501786.288 0701.00
PMSF153Z1520 x 780 x 19501906.288 0711.00
PMSF061Z615 x 630 x 1840856.288 0671.00
PMSF092Z915 x 780 x 19501216.288 0681.00