384/1536-Well Plate with Cover, PS

Radiation-sterilised. Working volume 10 to 100µl / well. Developed for large-scale DNA library manipulations. The standard microwell plate format of 128mm x 86 mm permits automation. C-shaped well bases provide good optical properties and good sample recovery. Space-saving. Replication system available. Compatible with robots. Also available in cell culture, as well as Collagen I, poly-D-lysin, MaxiSorp, Polysorp, Immulon 4HBX and non-binding qualities in white, black and transparent.

Material plates: Polystyrene
Total volume µl/well: 120

Toote variatsioonid

SterileSurfaceColourLidCapacity µl/wellCatalog numberPKKogus 
+Cell culturewhite+1204.008 79630.00
+Non-treatedclear-1204.009 041100.00
+Non-treatedclear+1204.009 035100.00
-Non-treatedblack-1204.009 027100.00
-MaxiSorp™clear-1206.205 88030.00
-Non-treatedclear-1204.008 865100.00
-Immulon 4HBXclear-1204.008 80350.00
+Cell culturewhite-1204.009 114100.00
-MaxiSorp™black-1207.633 13330.00
+Non-treatedclear+1209.390 49130.00
-Non-treatedwhite-1204.009 028100.00
-MaxiSorp™white-1204.008 77530.00
+Cell cultureclear+1204.008 72530.00
+Cell cultureblack+1204.008 79430.00
+Non-treatedclear+1209.390 49030.00
+Cell cultureblack+1204.009 17430.00