384 Well Optical Bottom Plates, PS

Combining a white or black upper structure with an optically clear, flat well bottom polymer base allows for reading from bottom and top, or both. Nunclon™Δ surface modifications are for cell culture optimized. Non-treated plates are ideal for scintillation counting.
Material plates: Polystyrene
Total volume µl/well: 120

Toote variatsioonid

SterileSurfaceColourLidCatalog numberPKKogus 
-Non-treatedblack-4.008 75330.00
+*Cell culturewhite+4.009 01830.00
-Collagen Iblack+4.009 12920.00
-Non-treatedwhite-4.008 95130.00
-Poly-D-lysineblack+4.009 12120.00
+*Cell cultureblack+4.009 00430.00