Accessories and replacement parts for EC columns

Analytical column system manufactured from stainless steel M 8 outer threads on both ends combination of sealing element and very fine-meshed stainless steel screen, PTFE sealing ring and fitting adaptor column heads SW 12 with inner threads M8 x 0,75 and UNF 10-32, as built -in guard columns use ChromCart® guard column cartridges with 8mm length with the guard column adaptor EC, packed with NUCLEODUR® spherical silica.

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DescriptionCatalog numberPKKogus 
1/16” nut for connecting 1/16” capillaries4.002 1795.00
1/16” ferrule4.002 1805.00
1/16” end cap, plastic4.002 1784.00
3-part sealing combination for EC columns4.002 2225.00
EC PTFE sealing ring4.002 2214.00
EC column head (nut)4.002 2201.00
Guard column adapter EC7.081 8981.00
EC fitting adaptor4.002 2191.00