Adhesive label tape Write-on™, writable

Specially coated plastic tape with adhesive backing. Makes labels of any length. Can be used with any pens. Excellent adhesion to glass, metal, PE, etc. Resistant to humidity, as well as acids and alkali solutions in weak concentrations. Leaves no residue when removed.

  • Temperature resistance: -80 … 157 °C
  • Temperature resistance up to 157 °C: 30 min
  • Temperature resistance up to 80 °C: 24 h
  • Autoclavable: at 121 °C

Toote variatsioonid

Catalog numberPKCan be labeledColourLengthMaterialSterilisableWaterproofWidthKogus 
9.040 3381.00YesGreen36.4 mmPlasticYesYes12.7 mm
9.040 3371.00YesYellow36.4 mmPlasticYesYes12.7 mm
9.040 3361.00YesRed36.4 mmPlasticYesYes12.7 mm
9.040 3431.00YesGreen36.4 mmPlasticYesYes19.0 mm
9.040 3401.00YesOrange36.4 mmPlasticYesYes12.7 mm
9.040 3391.00YesBlue36.4 mmPlasticYesYes12.7 mm
9.040 3531.00YesWhite54.6 mmPlasticYesYes25.4 mm
9.040 3411.00YesRed36.4 mmPlasticYesYes19.0 mm
9.040 3511.00YesWhite54.6 mmPlasticYesYes12.7 mm
9.040 3451.00YesOrange36.4 mmPlasticYesYes19.0 mm
9.040 3471.00YesYellow36.4 mmPlasticYesYes25.4 mm
9.040 3491.00YesBlue36.4 mmPlasticYesYes25.4 mm
9.040 3791.00YesWhite36.4 mmPlasticYesYes12.7 mm
9.040 3421.00YesYellow36.4 mmPlasticYesYes19.0 mm
9.040 3441.00YesBlue36.4 mmPlasticYesYes19.0 mm
9.040 3481.00YesGreen36.4 mmPlasticYesYes25.4 mm
9.040 3521.00YesWhite54.6 mmPlasticYesYes19.0 mm
9.040 3461.00YesRed36.4 mmPlasticYesYes25.4 mm
9.040 3501.00YesOrange36.4 mmPlasticYesYes25.4 mm
9.040 3811.00YesWhite36.4 mmPlasticYesYes25.4 mm
9.040 3801.00YesWhite36.4 mmPlasticYesYes19.0 mm