Attachable stand for Immersion stirrer ZU 6955

In addition to the immersion stirrer, the attachable stand can hold three additional measuring probes. The adjustable stops prevent damage of probe and beaker. Pillar made of anodised aluminium, carriage and base made of polyamide 12 glass-reinforced.

  • With integrated cable duct
  • Stroke of the carriage 190 mm
  • Clamping options: 2 x 12 mm, 1 x 4 to 14 mm, 1 x 6 to 16 mm
  • Mounting directly on the meter

Toote variatsioonid

TypeDimensions (W x D x H) mmWeight gCatalog numberPKKogus 
ZU 6954130 x 145 x 3004109.704 5921.00