Autoclavable waste bags, standard, PP

Made of very strong PP-film with a broad seam at the bottom, for the disposal of contaminated labware. Autoclavable at 134 °C.

Please order stand separately.

Toote variatsioonid

ColourHeightNominal capacityCatalog numberThicknessWidthPKAutoclavableMaterialKogus 
Transparent780 mm22 l4.652 54550 µm400 mm500.00YesPP
Transparent500 mm6 l4.653 81050 µm300 mm500.00YesPP
Transparent1100 mm72 l7.639 239100 µm700 mm75.00YesPP
Transparent1100 mm72 l4.653 81250 µm700 mm350.00YesPP
Transparent300 mm1.5 l4.653 80850 µm200 mm100.00YesPP
Transparent800 mm32 l9.404 11050 µm600 mm500.00YesPP
Transparent800 mm32 l7.940 231100 µm600 mm125.00YesPP