Automatic burettes, schilling pattern, amber glass, borosilicate glass 3.3/LDPE

  • Described as automatic burettes with fast titration and practical usage
  • Especially suitable for field analysis where there is a risk of breaking
  • The entire system consists of a burette tubing with automatic zeroing system together with a valve stopcock, a reservoir bottle and a bottle stand
  • Rapid filling by squeezing the bottle and fast titration by valve stopcock
  • Inscriptions and graduations are printed with white enamel which is specially designed for glass use
  • Amber burettes are manufactured without schellbach stripe
  • 10 ml burette has a polyethylene reservoir bottle of 500 ml volume whereas 25 and 50 ml burettes are used with bottles of 1000 ml volume

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Accuracy classColourDivisionMaterialCatalog numberTolerancePKKogus 
ASBrown0.10 mlBoro 3.34.008 3170,050 ± ml1.00
ASBrown0.10 mlBoro 3.34.008 3180,050 ± ml1.00
ASBrown0.05 mlBoro 3.34.008 3160,030 ± ml1.00