Boiling flasks, flat bottom, narrow neck, Pyrex®

  • Complies with ISO 1773
  • Flat base for standing on benches and hotplates etc.
  • Manufactured from Pyrex® glass for high resistance to thermal shock
  • Excellent chemical durability for contamination-free performance
  • With white enamel marking spot

Toote variatsioonid

ØHeightNeck ØNominal capacityCatalog numberStandardPKKogus 
85 mm140 mm30 mm250 ml9.014 021ISO 177310.00
237 mm340 mm57 mm6000 ml6.266 549ISO 17731.00
105 mm170 mm30 mm500 ml6.263 106ISO 177310.00
64 mm110 mm18 mm100 ml9.014 020ISO 177310.00
131 mm200 mm36 mm1000 ml9.014 022ISO 177310.00
166 mm250 mm45 mm2000 ml6.266 550ISO 177310.00