Centrifuge tubes Nalgene™, PC

Without closures. Friction-fit closures Type DS3111 for high-speed centrifugation please order separately. Transparent. Autoclavable. Can be used in refrigerated or ambient centrifuges at up to 50000 x g rcf. Temperature resistant from -135 to 135 °C. Lip (on Cat. No. 9.315 660 and 9.315 661) allows easier retrieval from rotor cavities.

Toote variatsioonid

Catalog numberPKAutoclavableColourØHeightMaterialMax. rcfNominal capacityType of
9.315 6551.00YesTransparent16.0 mm114.0 mmPC50.000 x g15 mlWithout
9.315 6581.00YesTransparent25.3 mm88.6 mmPC50.000 x g38 mlWithout
9.315 6561.00YesTransparent17.9 mm99.8 mmPC50.000 x g16 mlWithout
9.315 6541.00YesTransparent15.9 mm103.1 mmPC50.000 x g12 mlWithout
9.315 6601.00YesTransparent28.5 mm106.2 mmPC50.000 x g50 mlWithout
9.315 6611.00YesTransparent31.5 mm164.3PC50.000 x g100 mlWithout
9.315 6591.00YesTransparent28.8 mm103.1 mmPC50.000 x g50 mlWithout