Centrifuge tubes Nunc™, PS

Transparent. The disposable centrifuge tubes are a good alternative to glass and have a high degree of accuracy.

Toote variatsioonid

Max. rcfNominal capacityCatalog numberSterileType of
With graduationPKKogus 
3000 x g12 ml6.200 911NoWithoutYes1200.00
3000 x g14 ml6.200 731NoWithoutYes1800.00
3000 x g14 ml6.050 167YesStopperYes500.00
3000 x g12 ml6.078 810YesStopperYes500.00
3000 x g4 ml6.206 471NoWithoutYes3600.00
3000 x g5 ml6.093 916NoWithoutYes3000.00