Dispenser tips

  • 8 sizes, standard and sterile.
  • Maximum of safety and repeatability as all tips are individually and mechanically tested.
  • Guaranteed purity is tested and confirmed by independent testing laboratories. Sterile, pyrogen-free, DNA-, RNase- and ATP-free.
  • A quality certificate per lot can be obtained upon request.

Suitable for use together with ripette®, Multipette® 4780, HandyStep®, Minilab 100/101, Stepmate, EasyStep, Distriman® and HandyStep® electronic.

Please note: Dispenser tips 25ml and 50ml cannot be used without adapter. If necessary, please order Cat.-No. 6.310 203 or 6.310 548 separately.

Toote variatsioonid

Catalog numberPKATP-freeFor typeNominal capacityPyrogen freeRNase/DNase-freeSterileKogus 
9.284 343100.00YesStandard2.5 mlYesYes-
9.284 34525.00YesStandard25 mlYesYes-
9.284 347100.00Yes-0.05 mlYesYesYes
9.284 340100.00YesStandard0.05 mlYesYes-
4.656 052100.00YesStandard5 mlYesYes-
9.284 349100.00Yes-1.25 mlYesYesYes
9.284 351100.00Yes-5 mlYesYesYes
9.284 348100.00Yes-0.5 mlYesYesYes
9.284 35325.00Yes-25 mlYesYesYes
9.284 344100.00YesStandard12.5 mlYesYes-
9.284 350100.00Yes-2.5 mlYesYesYes
9.284 352100.00Yes-12.5 mlYesYesYes
9.284 35425.00Yes-50 mlYesYesYes
9.284 342100.00YesStandard1.25 mlYesYes-
9.284 34625.00YesStandard50 mlYesYes-
9.284 341100.00YesStandard0.5 mlYesYes-