Disposable Gloves Trilites 994

Tripolymer formula for protection against chemical splashes.

  • Material mix of 3 polymers for increased comfort and resistance
  • Protection against chemical splashes
  • Optimal wall thickness for maximum tactility and optimum durability

According to EN ISO 374-1:2016/Type B, EN ISO 374-5:2016

  • Colour: Purple
  • Outside: Pebbled
  • Inside: Chlorinated
  • Thickness (measured in double layer): 0.15 mm
  • Cat. III

Toote variatsioonid

ColourGlove sizeLengthMaterialCatalog numberThicknessPKKogus 
Violet9255 mmTripolymer6.275 1290.15 mm100.00
Violet6255 mmTripolymer7.670 1590.15 mm100.00
Violet8255 mmTripolymer7.670 1610.15 mm100.00
Violet7255 mmTripolymer7.670 1600.15 mm100.00