Disposable spill kit SKH-MINI emergency kit

A fully disposable spill kit to clean up small chemical spills quickly, easily and without risk of injuries.

  • Highly visible green colour.
  • The autoclavable disposal bag is heat resistant up to 145°C and therefore guarantees a safe disposal of laboratory waste.
  • Adsorbs chemicals, dangerous liquids, water & oil based fluids.
  • Suited for spills up to 1.7L.
  • The specially designed disposable brush is intended to sweep up any broken glass or debris allowing a safe clean up without risk of injuries.
  • Thanks to the compact design, the SKH-MINI can easily be placed in areas where spills are most likely to happen.
  • Protective gloves are powder free, have roughened fingertips, increased tear resistance and a good chemical resistance for more safety.

2 pads 41cm x 51cm
1 pair of disposable chemical protective gloves
1 autoclavable disposal bag
1 disposable brush
1 multilingual instruction guide

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SKH-MINI-Set9.404 0801.00