Disposal Container SHARPSAFE®

  • Wide opening for the disposal of large objects
  • Disconnection for all types of needles, insulin pens and scalpel blades

Toote variatsioonid

AutoclavableColourDepthDepth openingFilling capacityHeightImprint languageLabelling fieldNominal capacityCatalog numberWidthWidth
YesDark grey175 mm55 mm5.54 l380 mmDE/UK/FR/IT/ESone-sided7.0 l4.688 126175 mm55 mm1.00
YesDark grey124 mm57 mm1.45 l220 mmFR/NLone-sided1.8 l4.688 124114 mm53 mm1.00
YesDark grey450 mm365 mm18.70335 mmUKone-sided24.0 l4.688 130230 mm95 mm1.00
YesDark grey175 mm55 mm3.21 l245 mmDE/UK/FR/IT/ESone-sided4.0 l4.688 125175 mm55 mm1.00
YesDark grey292 mm210 mm10.32 l353 mmFR/NLone-sided13.0 l4.688 128195 mm65 mm1.00
YesDark grey197 mm55 mm1.67 l177 mmDE/UK/FR/IT/ESone-sided2.0 l4.688 131126 mm55 mm1.00
YesDark grey175 mm72 mm7.16 l498 mmFR/NLone-sided9.0 l4.688 127175 mm55 mm1.00
YesDark grey450 mm365 mm23.6 l415 mmUKone-sided30.0 l4.688 137230 mm95 mm1.00
YesDark grey108 mm58 mm0.85 l187 mmDE/UK/FR/IT/ESone-sided1.0 l4.688 13590 mm36 mm1.00
YesDark grey197 mm55 mm2.27 l203 mmDE/UK/FR/IT/ESone-sided3.0 l4.688 132126 mm55 mm1.00
YesDark grey292 mm210 mm7.52 l291 mmFR/NLone-sided9.0 l4.688 129195 mm65 mm1.00