Earplugs, Refill packs

The right solution for every auditory canal: Uvex ear protection plugs are available in sizes S, M and L. Their ergonomic shape offers a high wearing comfort. The soft PU foam adapts perfectly to the auditory canal, providing optimal protection.
Refill packs for uvex one2click dispenser or for wall box dispenser.

Toote variatsioonid

TypeColourForSizeSound protection (SNR)PackageCatalog numberPKKogus 
x-fitlimeWall-mounted dispenserM37 dBpacked in pairs6.233 602200.00
x-fitlimeuvex one2clickM37 dBloose6.268 846300.00
com4-fitlight redWall-mounted dispenserS33 dBpacked in pairs9.005 028200.00
com4-fitlight reduvex one2clickS33 dBloose6.285 529300.00
xtra-fitOrangeuvex one2clickL36 dBloose6.285 531250.00
xtra-fitOrangeWall-mounted dispenserL36 dBpacked in pairs6.285 528200.00
x-fitlimeuvex one2click-37 dBloose6.239 986200.00
xact-fitlimeuvex one2clickM26 dBloose6.285 530400.00