EM dispensers, PP

Conformity certified, bottle top dispenser with precisely grinded glass piston for unproblematic and organic liquids which do not affect polypropylene. Discharge valves and valve seats consisting of high-purity aluminium oxide ceramic. Declaration of conformity acc. to DIN 12600. With digital volume setting on various steps, autoclavable at 121°C, complete with thread A 32 mm, 3 thread adapters (A 28, S 40 and A 45), 1 screw-coupled suction tube, 1 discharge tube unit complete, 1 spanner valve, with individual number and weighing protocol.

Flask holder Cat. No. 9.278 820 please order separately.

Toote variatsioonid

Catalog numberPKAccuracyDivisionDosing volumePrecisionKogus 
9.287 8291.000.6 ± R%0.25 ml2 ... 10 ml0.2 ≤ VK%
9.287 8301.000.6 ± R%1.00 ml10 ... 60 ml0.2 ≤ VK%