Erlenmeyer flasks, wide neck, heavy duty, Pyrex®

  • Mechanically stronger than conventional Erlenmeyers
  • Reinforced rims for extra strength and resistance to impact fracture
  • Manufactured from high quality Pyrex® borosilicate glass
  • White graduations and marking spot

Toote variatsioonid

AutoclavableBottom ØColourHeightMaterialNeck ØNominal capacityCatalog numberPKKogus 
Yes78 mmClear133 mmBoro 3.333 mm250 ml6.253 74312.00
Yes220 mmClear122 mmBoro 3.352 mm1000 ml6.231 6656.00
Yes282 mmClear157 mmBoro 3.363 mm2000 ml6.253 8851.00
Yes66 mmClear109 mmBoro 3.327 mm125 ml6.254 44712.00
Yes97 mmClear174 mmBoro 3.343 mm500 ml6.902 2926.00