Filter holder and coarse dust pre-filter for plug-in filters

Filter housing made of plastic, black, two-part, consisting of mount (upper part) and cover (lower part):
Socket, approx. 105 mm outer diameter, 48 mm high, with standard thread (DIN EN 148-1) for connection to a mask,
with rubber gasket behind the trapezoid internal thread. Covers each approx. 99 mm outer diameter,
various heights cover 35 = 44 mm high, cover 70 = 62 mm high,
each with trapezoidal male thread and pre-filter chamber with hinged cover

  • Filter holder 5570/35 for filter series 19, 24, 25
  • Filter holder 5570/70 for filters series 34, 39, 40, 45
  • Prefilters trap coarse paint mist and dust and extend service life of particle and combination filters
  • Uncomplicated filter change possible without disassembly from respirator mask

Toote variatsioonid

DescriptionCatalog numberTypePKForKogus 
Prefilter9.005 57735/7020.00-
Adapter for filter9.005 5875570/701.00A1 P2, B1 P2, E1 P2, K1 P2, A1 P3, AB1 P3, A1B2EK1
Adapter for filter9.005 5865570/351.00A1, B1, E1, K1, P2, P3